October Planning PLC

We planned out 3 things during this meeting:

1) Scoutmeeting on October 15

2) Webelos Campout @ Camp Cachalot on October 17-19

3) Brainstormed Ideas for the Halloween Party


10-15-14 Meeting Plan

Campout and Halloween Party

Patrol Corners Discussion Points (This is the form that you need to fill out and give to the SPL during the PLC after meetings)


September Planning PLC

The PLC has planned out the next couple of meetings in October. October has only two meetings that need planning because of the Halloween Party, Gym Night, and our Court of Honor for Summer Camp.

Attached is the notes and plan for those meetings. September 2014 Planning PLC

I keep track of attendance at all PLCs but the notes I post to the site will always have that part removed due to privacy concerns.